Global Asset Management

The market for digital assets has evolved dramatically since the release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper ten years ago. From Bitcoin’s origins as a peer-to-peer system of value transfer to the development of smart contracts and countless other blockchain applications, cryptography-based digital assets have become one of the most disruptive and revolutionary technologies since the advent of the internet.

One of the biggest concerns for crypto investors is the loss of private keys through misplacements, hacks, or broken hardware.Just as gold bars or US dollar bills can be lost, bitcoin is no exception. According to research from Chainanlaysis, nearly 4 million bitcoins are lost forever and this figure is likely to be growing.

Here at Tokenup Techonology, we ensure proper safekeeping, settlement and clearing needs of your assets with operational efficiency and reliability. We protect investors and safeguard the assets of a managed investment scheme against the risk of theft or loss if, for example, liquidation of the responsible entity or trustee occurs. Besides playing the role of asset safekeeping and security settlement, we can also help assist in income collection and corporate action processing.

Our client custodial accounts are also modelled after corporate bank accounts. By ensuring that only authorised parties within an organization have approval rights, investors are able to minimize their corporate operational risk.


Tokenup Technology provides assistance in these Custody Core Offerings

  • Safekeeping of securities and other assets using a 3-layer security control system
  • Settlement of all securities transactions
  • Administrative acts/notifications and processing of corporate actions
  • Collection of interest, dividends and principal repayments
  • Securities lending and borrowing
  • Cash management
  • Interest on current account balances
  • Flexible and user-specific reporting services
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Tax Services (relief at source and via reclaim)
  • Access to a network of carefully selected sub-custodians & clearing houses

Back End Security



Transactions guarded by Cerberus: our three-tiered defence system



Private keys generated offline and split by the Enigma engine. Stored in HSM cold-storage and distributed to various locations with full backups



Infrastructure runs in a high- availability configuration, ensuring secure assets are available 24/7