We are a one stop advisory service partner in both business and technology solutions. Our team is highly experienced to provide each client with a highly responsive, bespoke service that constantly evolves to meet their needs. Having on-going partnership with numerous financial institutions with vast experience and expertise, our team is perfectly equipped to provide you with a full range of compliance, financial, marketing and PR services for the incorporation of blockchain companies in Singapore and expansion worldwide.

By teaming up with us, you will receive support in business planning, implementation and strategy advisory backed by industry-proven best practices to fuel your company’s long-term success.

Our ability to effectively address our clients’ most important business issues has paid off: More than 80% of our engagements come from repeat clients or referrals. Every client and engagement is different, and our focus has always been on generating the most impact for our clients.




Jack Tung

Having worked in the Singapore Financial industry for more than 10 years and managed over USD$20million worth of assets, Jack Tung is experienced in servicing both HNWI and corporates for global assets management. With close working relationship with numerous financial institutions and law firms, Jack is familiar with the rules and regulations of compliance and company structure. His vast knowledge and experience makes him a pivotal figure in the industry of professional advisory services for FinTech/Blockchain Companies



Santiago Fu

Santiago Fu is a theoretical physicist and serves as the team analyst. Graduated with a master degree in physics from Nanyang Technological University, Santiago is knowledgeable in concepts key to the future of blockchain: game theory, machine learning, nonlinear systems and optimization. His multidisciplinary research works on the topic of self automated phenomenon are widely accepted by conferences across Asia



Cassandra Leong

Upon graduating from the UK, Cassandra Leong gained valuable legal experience from major law firms and handles full spectrum of corporate secretarial work and portfolio of 200 companies worldwide thus far. Cassandra currently acts as advisor for commerical matters such as Banking and Securities Investment, Clientele Investment, Joint-Venture Agreement, Arbitration and Litigation in both the Subordinate and Supreme Court of Singapore




With knowledge and skills mastered from ACCA and Procter & Gamble, Hans deeply understands the importance of finance, be it individual or corporation. Now, he is able to leverage his partnership with financial institutions to provide financial advices to people on Efficient Wealth Management. More importantly, as his professional circle has extended to FinTech/Blockchain industry, Hans is now taking the wide angle view in his professional advisory services

Customer Centric

We maximise customer's satisfaction by always delivering our promises and exceeding our customer's expectation

Personal and Professional Integrity

We have been and always will be a dependable organisation that have the full trust of our clients due to the professionalism that we operate in


We are always trying to find new ways to tackle the issues our clients are facing, so as to give them better and more efficient solutions